Meet the Team

Jill Mansfield

Social Media Wizard & Community Management Guru

Jill has a crush on California and loves living in Sacramento. She grew up in a family of five kids, two parents and is still alive to tell the tale. Jill is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two beautiful daughters. The four of them adore their labradoodle pup. Jill has always been an early adopter to social media and loves that she can connect with so many people.  She loves to champion brands and causes by getting them in front of the people who need them.  When she’s not tweeting or hashtagging you’ll find her with her family, probably watching a sporting event.  She may or may not be addicted to watching hockey.  Just kidding, she totally is.

Sarah Maren

Content Creation Expert & Branding Aficionado 

Sarah Maren has been a professional photographer for 20 years.  She uses her love of light and lines to create beautiful and engaging content for brands.  She loves the tiny details and the bold strokes that make people (and brands) so unique.  Telling visual stories is her greatest joy.  When she’s not making pictures you’ll find her hanging out with her husband and 2 kids, dancing in her kitchen or trying to convince herself to go for a run. But most likely she can be found curled up in a quiet spot with a good book.

Jill's Skills

  • Social Media Management
  • Community Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Writing
  • Design & Styling
  • Sense of Humor

Sarah's Skills

  • Photography
  • Video Creation
  • Content Design & Styling
  • Writing
  • Ability to make you giggle

Jill and Sarah have always been known as social butterflies.  From their first meeting in second grade they were chatty and in the know.  After decades of friendship they finally put their social personalities to good use and created Poppy and Paisley.  These two are the kind of people who believe in the good things out there in this crazy world and want to bring as much joy and fun as they can to the world.  They love partnering with awesome brands and getting those brands in front of the people who need and want them.  So you should call them, and then get together for coffee or tea and see what this terrific team can do for you.

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